Melbourne electronic artist Shiver Canyon releases her ambitious new self-titled EP.

A blend of trip-hop, ambient, dream-pop, rock with powerful jazz infused vocals, Shiver Canyon has been compared to Kate Bush, Radiohead and Massive Attack.

Co-produced by Red Black (A State of Flux, Sleep Parade) and vocalist Roni Shewan, Shiver Canyon’s debut is an ambitious juxtaposition of acoustic and electronic elements, with subtle instrumentation, East-Asian percussion and sophisticated vocal layering.

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“Shiver Canyon is laced with lush harmonies, which carry the lovely, winding vocals to unexpected places.

There’s nothing predictable here melodically, which makes for a wonderfully refreshing and interesting listen. Roni Shewan’s voice is unique and strengthened by the vocal layering that is featured on most of the tracks. The combination of her vocals and echoing instrumental embellishments create a dream-pop vibe that’s super calming. Each track keeps you intrigued with the climactic song structures, reverb-soaked synths and choral accompaniment. This is a very cohesive offering and truly works best when listened to in sequence.


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